What is a “MUTZ”

What's a "MUTZ"?

Foes Racing makes the "Mutz" 4 Season Super Bike

  •  How about a "Quiver Killer"?
  • All the capabilities of a fat bike, but rides with the manners of a trail bike...
  •  Want a bike that is as much fun in the winter as it is in the summer?
  •  Want a bike that doesn't care what season it is?
  •  Want a bike that feels like you just put the training wheels back on?
  •  Want a bike that turns rock gardens into sidewalks?
  •  How about a bike that actually likes to go uphill? (Loves the gravity rush too!)
  •  Do you hate riding over roots?
  •  Do you love riding over roots?
  •  How about a bike that feels like you finally took the training wheels off?
  •  Do you lay in bed thinking about the next time you can ride your bike again? (You will now...)

This bike is 3 bikes in 1.

You will abandon your previous MTB and make this your full-time ride all year- long.

Ask anyone that owns one now. It is that different.

Don't take my word for it. Take one out for a demo ride!

You will be stunned. You will also be checking your bank account to plan on getting one...

TechTonic Cycles has one just for you!


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