One Bike, 4 Seasons, More Fun

Turning your world up a couple notches. 

Go smell some flowers!


A Passion Based Company… Starting small, with ideas that build to something bigger.

Retail Space

Intent on making something happen internally… My work is designed to reshape the customer’s views of what is possible. Imagine riding a single bike through a calendar year under all conditions, becoming a motivating experience instead of a trial. Machines so fun, that when you go to sleep you are already thinking about your next ride. Stagnation is the enemy of opportunity.

Big Plans

This Site is under construction. It doesn’t offer a lot at the moment, but be patient and it will all come together. ¬†TechTonic Cycles is growing and needs time to put all the stuff together. I’m a one-man-show and still have a lot to do to make it all good. Thanks for your support and patience.